Our Vision, Mission and Core Values


Bay Ridge Christian Academy’s goal is to be a community where knowledge is pursued with excellence, where faith is rooted in Christ, and where character is exemplified through service. We are dedicated to creating a friendly and supportive environment, producing life-long learners, creating disciples of Christ, and enriching students’ lives.

Mission and Core Values

Bay Ridge Christian Academy aims to provide a quality Christian Education that will enlighten and equip our students to become effective leaders in their communities. Our goal is to guide children towards an understanding that God is at the center of every pursuit of knowledge. To achieve this mission the board of directors, faculty and staff are committed to:

  1. Provide opportunities for each student to make a personal commitment to the Lord Jesus Christ, and to be discipled in biblical concepts.
  2. Equip students to recognize the Lordship of Christ in all subject areas of learning, and to respond in obedience to God’s call to be transforming influences in society.
  3. Maintain a standard of excellence in teaching and administration in order to equip students with a firm educational foundation and strong skills.
  4. Inspire students to maximize their potential and persevere in all subject areas.
  5. Encourage our students to believe in faith that they can do all things through Christ who strengthens them. Philippians 4:13