Our School Leader and Faculty

Judith Vega – Principal

I have been principal of Bay Ridge Christian Academy for the last 15 years. I’ve learned so much throughout these years and it has truly been a blessing to serve countless families and children.

This year marks my twenty fifth year in education. As a teacher and now in my capacity as an administrator I have been privileged to be part of many students lives, encouraging them to continue to strive and give their best. I cherish every moment I’ve had to impart in the lives of children and their families, and I pray for the strength to continue to do so.

I have varied experience as a teacher and school leader. For the first ten years of my career I served at the elementary school level, teaching a variety of grades and content areas. My passion has always been to develop positive relationships with everyone within our school community, encourage students to reach their full potential, and support teachers and staff so they maximize their efforts. As I look into the future, I pray that God will continue to equip me with much wisdom and grace as we continue impacting the lives of students who are our future leaders.


Mrs. Norma Martinez – Teacher

My name is Mrs. Martinez, and I teach the Pre-K class at Bay Ridge Christian Academy (BRCA). I have been teaching at BRCA for over four years, and it has been such a rewarding experience. I love to teach because I view it as sowing a seed into fertile ground and seeing the fruit grow. Like seed sprouts and develops, I have the great pleasure of seeing my students develop academically, emotionally, and spiritually. My desire as a teacher is to create an environment where students feel loved, nurtured, encouraged to explore and discover new things. I hope to continue to facilitate all my students to be productive members of society.


Mrs. Evelyn Colon – Teacher

My name is Evelyn Colon, and I’ve been teaching at the Bay Ridge Christian Academy for over 14 years. My inspiration for teaching came from the positive influence I received from many of my teachers. They demonstrated kindness, dedication and were committed to their craft. As an educator, my goal is to teach with passion and encourage my students to connect to God. I pray that the impact I make on my students will positively influence their lives and encourage them to enjoy learning and grow to be caring and loving adults.


Mrs. Nichelle Robinson – Teacher

I have been teaching for over 23 years. It is a pleasure to be part of such a wonderful school community. I enjoy teaching because I have the opportunity to educate, encourage, empower, inspire, and impact children. I enjoy seeing them learn and develop as we create a loving, caring, fun, and respectful environment together. I desire to see them continue to grow as learners and that they may develop in all areas of their life – academically, spiritually, socially, physically, and emotionally.


Ms. Liduvina Perez – Teacher

My name is Mrs. Perez, and I’ve been teaching for over ten years. I have been at Bay Ridge Christian Academy for seven years, and it has been such a rewarding experience. As a Christian educator, it is my goal to instill in my students’ love of learning and a desire to commit their ways to the Lord.

As a teacher, I love seeing past the basic facts of a subject and using hands-on activities and real-life information to make the lessons come to life beyond the primary curriculum. My passion is to teach with kindness, correct with love, inspire and stimulate young minds emotionally, spiritually, and academically.


Ms Amanda Franco – Middle School ELA

I have been a classroom teacher for just over 5 years, but I have been working with children for over a decade through tutoring and camp counseling. I have had a passion for education, reading, and writing for as long as I can remember. I hope to inspire my students to pursue and explore their passions, as I was inspired by my teachers through self-discovery in the English Language Arts. I want my students to develop in their love for reading, writing, and communication with a focus on why and how to use words effectively and positively.


Ms. Blanca Velez – Middle School History & Science

My name is Blanca Velez and I have been teaching at Bay Ridge Christian Academy for over 28 years. My inspiration to teach came from someone who mentored me when I was very young. She impacted me greatly in a Christ-like way that I too wanted to impact others as well. I have realized that every day is a new learning experience not only for me, but for my students. I enjoy sharing the word of God, History and Science. However my favorite subject is Science because the more I teach Science the more I realize that only an omnipotent God could have created this world. I try to connect God and science by engaging students through labs, videos, and stem projects. My passion is to teach and I hope to continue impacting the lives of my students for years to come.


Ms Arleen Santana – Special Activities Teacher

My name is Arleen Santana and I’ve been teaching at Bay Ridge Christian Academy for almost five years in a number of different areas, with over a decade of experience. I’ve worked with children of different ages and it’s a pleasure seeing them grow and develop. As the Computer and STEM teacher, my goal is to provide life skills for real world applications. Through the use of the different Google Apps, I want my students to explore new ways of developing and applying higher level thinking concepts to real world online situations.