BRCA Early Childhood Program

Pre schoolers working on their crafts

BRCA creates a loving and nurturing environment where children are able to learn and grow. Students are exposed to a rich literacy program that will stimulate their cognitive development, and their creative expression through play and classroom activities. Daily activities include circle time, learning the alphabet, letter sounds, colors, music, art time, dramatic and outdoor play. Through hands on activities they begin to grasp concepts related to size, shapes, counting, and comparisons.

Preschoolers learning how to concepts of coding .

Our Preschool curriculum will also reinforce fine and gross motor skills, teach children social and school-readiness skills. This will include teaching children how to function in a group setting, with an emphasis on such behaviors as sharing, taking turns, cooperative play, transitioning from one activity to the next, and following classroom rules. Children will learn the self-care skills they will need in Kindergarten, such as putting on their own shoes and coats and feeding themselves. This training is immensely important for building a sense of self-esteem — not to mention emotional management and perseverance! For more information on our Early Childhood Program. Please call 718-238-4001.